Friday, May 14, 2010

The move is on...

and not the little move west. A HUGE move east!

Jeff got a job offer a couple of months ago for a company in Tyler, TX, about 2 1/2 hours east of us. I've been ignoring him every time he brought it up because I have NO intention of moving my family away from my home for the past 20 years. We like this area, we have so many friends, an amazing church, and most of our family is nearby. He would try to talk to me about it, and I would walk away.

Then, of course, he agreed to the job with his dad's company. A promising job that would start out slow and with not much pay, but he had the opportunity to work his way up to a very good salary w/i 8 years or so, and we wouldn't have to move far.

So I was pleased.

THEN, he drops the bombshell on me that I have to go with him for an actual INTERVIEW for the position in Tyler. And he's the ONLY person they're interviewing.

I cried and yelled at him and told him I wasn't going. It's his decision. Not mine.

Then I laid in bed with Ben and prayed. Why don't I pray sooner?

All of a sudden I felt such peace. I had to apologize to Jeff and say that I'd go with him. He looked at me and smiled and I said "If you say a word I'm not going." He smiled and said "I wasn't gonna say anything..."

So we went. And it was nice. It's beautiful compared to here. Trees everywhere. Green everywhere. And it's an amazing opportunity. Double what he would make the first year working for his dad's company. And basically the same opportunity to move up. The owner wants to train Jeff up to someday buy the company.

We came home and he went straight to his Dad's to talk about it. His dad called it a "slam dunk" and told Jeff not to pass it up. We prayed and felt peace, so the next day (today) he called the boss and accepted the job. They really want him to start like... tomorrow, but Jeff has a mini-mester class that starts in a week and goes for 2 weeks, but then he'll start (by driving back and forth, staying all week) for 3 weeks, then has one more commitment to youth camp for the last week in June, then we'll all move out there!

To say I'm terrified would be an understatement. It's happening so fast and I've never moved more than 45 min away from "home." Especially with 3 kids and 1 on the way! Now I have to take a break from thinking about it so I don't start hyperventilating. When I catch my breath I'll update more =)