Friday, June 18, 2010

oh man

So it's funny to go back and read my like "info" section on here, because i wrote it like... over a year ago? And when I said I was "OMG so busy" I had NO IDEA WHAT WAS COMING! 3 HYPER boys, the pregnancy from hades, the hottest summer ever, my parents and sisters moving into our house w/ us, AND us moving OUT. O M G I don't know what to do with myself.

If I haven't mentioned it before, my parents and sisters moved in with us a couple weeks ago. They needed to sell their house, and it wasn't selling, so they put it up for rent and was rented out w/i 2 weeks. Sooo, thank the LORD this opportunity for us to move came up, otherwise we'd be living together indefinitely, which I'm finding out would NOT be acceptable. Just a glimpse: our kitchen has 2 refrigerators, 2 center islands, 2 dining room tables (w/ 13 chairs), and about 30 packed boxes, tubs, etc. That's my kitchen, people. Now picture the living room, bedrooms, and backyard!!! We're a cat family, well not really, but they keep the mice and snakes away, so we let them live outside our back door. My parents are dog people. There is a constant power struggle in the backyard right now. No one is getting along. It's beyond insane. This morning I almost came unglued because my cereal (yes, MY cereal) was gone, and yesterday, there was enough for 3 more bowls left. I had to take deep breaths and tell myself it wasn't a big deal. I can't believe I'm admitting that but it's true!

So add to that situation, the hardest pregnancy I've had yet. This little girl is wearing me out. If I don't eat every hour, here is some of what I experience: achy, restless legs, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision (like I couldn't read a message on my phone right in front of my face), my face and ears feel like they're on FIRE (like I have a horrible sunburn but I don't!), and random numbness that moves up and down my arms. ODD right?!? I almost passed out 3 times one day, so decided to give my doc a call, and she asked "well what have you eaten today?" To which I replied "ummm, a yogurt..... a cracker.... umm some toast?" LOL I'm so dumb! "Hun, you need to eat." Who has time to eat!?!?! Especially when NOTHING sounds good. It's really hard to eat when nothing sounds good. And when it's 100+ degrees outside, nothing but ice sounds good. Little Miss Hattie is doing just great, though, kicking, rolling and bouncing around in there having a good ol' time. Stinker.

And the icing on the cake: moving. Wow, moving. I've thrown away as much as I've packed. And now all that's left to pack are things we use on a daily basis, so can't really pack anymore. Jeff's finishing up his 4th week of work out in Tyler already. He's enjoying it and is good at it, so couldn't ask for more! Having him gone all week is good some days, and not so much on others. I love having the bed to myself, but not really ever getting a break from the boys is tiring. This next 2 weeks can NOT go by quick enough.

Holy mother of moses did I forget to mention my 3 adorable, well behaved little boys? Yeah, driving me nuts. If they're not dumping boxes of crackers all over the ground, they're leaving their markers out for Ben to color on the walls with. If they're not punching each other repeatedly, they're trying to drown each other in the pool! I walked out just in time to see Max, the 6 yr old, ask Ben, the 2 yr old if he wanted to go under, and when Ben exclaimed "yes!" Max proceeded to push his little head right under! Max is now grounded from the pool for a week, but really doesn't understand why. Ugh.

Good news: Our new house is ADORABLE, and the exact size, price and location we wanted! There's an issue w/ the ac, that's getting looked at on Monday, and since we're just renting at first, it's not our responsibility, which is nice for a change!

Well, better go see what chaos awaits me......