Friday, April 24, 2009


So in the last 12 hours I have:

1)Stepped in ants while weeding the flower beds,

2)Found the cats food COMPLETELY GONE (AGAIN) because of a flipping raccoon that won't quit getting into the tub!,
3)Found out Jeff's aunt has rheumatoid arthritis (sp??),
4)Found out Jeff's G-dad has cancer again (we kinda knew, but now it's for sure),
5)Found out some good friends of ours are divorcing,
6)Found out a dear friend of ours who suffered a stroke 2 months ago (she's only in her 40s!) and is still not walking or talking or moving much at all has been accepted to one of the most amazing facilities with state of the art technology and doctors around,
and finally,

7)Realized once again how fragile life is and how blessed I am to have a pretty awesome husband who will be by my side through everything we might face down the road!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I used to get frustrated when some of the blogs I follow hadn't had new posts in a few days. I would check them frantically waiting to hear something, anything. OH MY GOSH. I haven't written anything in like a week? 2 weeks? I don't even know. And I don't have any children who have special needs that require so much extra time and energy. Just the normal needs: poopy diapers, breakfast, bottles, lunches made, beds made, laundry, more poopy diapers, more bottles, and that's all before lunch. I can't even imagine how these super mom's manage to post at all! I'm such a slacker.

So after another round of the poison ivy, it was finally calming down around here... until another bout with a stomach bug hit. Ben has had it for 3 days now, Max was miserable yesterday evening, but slept really well, so we'll see. So far the rest of us are ok, which reminds me I need to go spray my hourly coating of Lysol. Not sure if it actually helps or not, but it puts my mind at ease so I do it anyway. Way too much to do and no where near enough time to do it...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Toad

So they found a frog. Or toad I guess. Not really sure. I guess having 3 little boys I should know the difference. Or having graduated highschool, I should know the difference. But I don't. So we're gonna go with toad. So they found a toad, which proved to be wonderful entertainment for over an hour. Max, as usual, was the main "holder" of the toad. Noah always has to work up the courage for these types of things. Max wants to hold the toad, smell the toad, possibly even taste the toad.

Noah on the other hand wants to look at the toad from afar. He wants to want to hold the toad, but he really doesn't. But he doesn't want Max to think he's afraid either. So he finally convinces himself that it's ok, and risks it all, to finally hold the toad.

Then it's Ben's turn. He thought he wanted to hold it until it lunged at him then he was pretty much done with the toad.

Last but not least, it was mommie's turn, and what did the toad do? That's right, he had been holding it the whole time until I grab him and he pees all over the place. That's why I don't hold toads.

Friday, April 3, 2009


So, I have a strategy. A wonderful strategy. The past two nights, during one of the 12 times that Ben woke up, I thought to myself "I need to get something done tomorrow." Apparently just keeping them alive isn't enough for me. The night before last, I contemplated cleaning Noah's closet. If you have seen his closet lately, you know why it took me awhile to make up my mind, but eventually I did. It had to be done. And guess what. That next morning, as soon as I got home from work-out, I CLEANED IT! Totally. It looks so good!! So last night, I mulled over the fact that I set a goal, and actually accomplished it. Granted, it was a small goal, but a goal none the less, and now, an accomplished goal! Then a picture of the inside of my refrigerator came into my mind. New goal set! And now: ACCOMPLISHED!! That's right. Two days, two goals, two successful accomplishments! I am beyond proud. You have no idea. These are things I have been putting off for weeks and weeks. And now, they're done. Feels so good. So, my strategy: set a goal every night. It can be small, big, easy or hard, doesn't matter. As long as I have 1 thing to accomplish every day, I might actually live to see my grandkids! What a wonderful thought. And the possibility that an entire day will go by without my getting anything done is far less now! Now the real challenge: let's see how long I actually keep this up! Oh and I already decided I'm taking the weekends off =)