Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hattie Grace Hopkins

Shall be her name =) my mom and sister hate it, so I know it's perfect. Everyone else either loves it or is just being nice... I'll take it either way =)

I was sitting in the doctor's office reading a magazine and came across the name Hattie. I didn't think Jeff would go for it so I texted it to him along with 2 others I liked, and he replied that he had heard the name Hattie on tv the night before and was going to suggest it to me! He then looked up the meaning: Home Ruler. HA! We've been saying all along that she will be the boss of her 3 big brothers, so Hattie it is. And in an effort to make sure she's not an evil dictator we added Grace. So at least she'll be a gracious ruler =)

Oh and she's already bossing people around. During my sonogram she was opening and closing her mouth the whole time, like a little fish. She was giving someone an earful!

In other news, Ben is almost completely potty trained and sleeping in his big-boy-twin-bed! And he's not even 2 yet! The pacifier is the nxt thing to go, but I'm not in a hurry. I don't really see the big deal about the paci anyway. It makes him feel better when he's sick or tired, so what's the problem?

Noah turned in his first Quest (Gifted & Talented) project last week. It was a huge map of Paul Revere's Ride. He did soo good. He's honestly smarter than I am. I readily admit it. He definitely is lacking in the logic dept but he can't be perfect!

I've about had it with Max's teacher. He comes home everyday with 5-8 plain white worksheets. He's in KINDERGARTEN! What do u expect him to do when you just shove worksheet after worksheet in a 6 yr old's face? YES, he's gonna occasionally color on his desk! He's bored out of his friggin mind! He has aced every timed math test they've had, and is reading above where he is supposed to be. On Tuesday when I walked up to pick him up his teacher grabbed him by the arm and walked to meet me - great, what did u do now, Max. She proceeds to tell me how sorry she is that she didn't know he had brought his lunch and had put him in the lunch line, then he ate his lunch that he brought for snack. I say no prob, no worries. So as we walk off I ask Max why he didn't tell his teacher that he had brought his lunch, and he says "I tried!" I almost turned around and walked back to Ms. Crappy-teacher and opened up a can. LOL. It took everything in me not to. He messes up and gets a writeup in his folder, then tries to do the right thing and gets ignored.

Which brings me to my nxt bit of news...

We're moving. Not far, but far enough. Jeff decided to take the job with his dad (basically working his way up to the top w/i about the nxt 5-8 years). The company is based 45 min west of us. There's a town about 20 min in that direction that is much smaller than here, but not too small, and Jeff's scoping out land out there. The schools are great - much smaller classes than here, and with a brand new state of the art elementary school. We also know several teachers/coaches and even a principal from that school district. Anyway, hopefully nxt year my kids won't be ignored and forced to do worksheets till they die from boredom. It's going to be a good change!!

On a sad note, Mavs went down tonight. They're so much better than the Spurs, but just couldn't pull it off. RIP Mavs 09-10 season.... GO LAKERS!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So apparently Blogger is trying to make it easier on my by making me retype my email/password 500 times before finally letting me log onto my blog! It never would let me from my phone, so I took a minute from "work" to try on the church computer, and about 200 tries later, voila! Success.

Ok so, IT'S A GIRL!!!! I still don't know what to think. I made the sono tech chick tell me that she was 100% positive, and she was. It's such an odd feeling. Jeff tried to give me a high-5 so I punched him in the gut. Noah and Max left the doc's office with their heads hanging low. It was quite a sight. Sooo wish I wasn't laughing hysterically and had gotten out my camera. Most of that is for show, though. They love telling people that we got "bad news." Then they just giggle.

I HONESTLY don't think it's set in yet. I just don't know where to start. A friend brought over a sweet little dress and big bow and I have no idea where to put them! It's like they don't belong in our house! I left them sitting on the kitchen island for like 3 days. I finally hung it up in the closet, but it still seems soo out of place.
Although I don't know what to think, I definitely feel happy. Either way I was going to be happy. Knowing that it's a healthy, happy baby in there, kicking and rolling around makes me smile.