Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Here's The Deal.

It's Christmas Eve! Seriously, beyond a shadow of a doubt, THE most wonderful time of the year. And what is everyone doing? Barking back and forth at each other about how Phil Robertson included being gay in a long list of other sins. I've kept my mouth shut so far because I don't easily fall on either side, but it just keeps swirling around in my mind, so hopefully after I get it out, I'll be able to stop thinking about it.

First off, it's not a freedom of speech issue. Freedom of speech is in regards to the government, not the private sector. If you say harsh things, there will be consequences... You have the right to say them (you won't be arrested or charged) but you absolutely can be fired from your job. 

Second... Phil was asked a question and answered it honestly. He wasn't just throwing his opinions out there to people who hadn't asked. 

Now to the heart of the matter. Jesus is LOVE. He came because He LOVED us. It is our job to LOVE. If I have to precede what I say with "no offense, but..." that is not love. To everyone saying, "No offense, but, being gay is a sin," how about we turn the tables. How about I point my finger at YOU and say "No offense, but, the way you gossiped about your sister-in-law and over-ate last night was a sin." Or "Hey, the way you lie to your kids about Santa is a sin, no offense..." Or my favorite, "hey no offense but, the way you look at those guys is adultery in God's eyes." Hate to break it to you, but Jesus loves the homosexual with exactly the same intense, unchangeable love that he loves the liar, thief, and adulterer. He died for all of us, and unless you plan on becoming perfect tomorrow, YOU ARE EXACTLY THE SAME as the gay person you keep pointing out. Heaven will be full of homosexuals, people! Because it will be full of liars and cheaters, too!! 

Instead of rating yourself on how many sins you can point out, how about by how much you have loved. God knew none of us would ever be perfect, that's why the "greatest" of all the commands is love. 

Let's love each other. 

Let's show mercy and grace toward each other. 

I KNOW that's what Jesus would do.

He died to do it.