Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello there, it's been awhile!

I have no idea where to even start an entry right now, other than God is SO GOOD.

In other news, I'm not so good... at blogging! Ugh. Now Facebook, I can do.  A lot.  Pinterest, I'm totally and completely addicted.  But blogging is harder for some reason. I guess it takes more time and thoughtfulness, both of which I'm lacking!

So it's been a few months since I've updated the ol' blog, so instead of filling in the gap, I'll just update where we are today, and I'll fill in the blanks another day. HA!

So I am happily taking care of our kiddo's along with a 6 month old sweet baby boy, Jacob.  He gets here every morning around 7am and is picked up by 5 each afternoon.  It makes for a long day sometimes but I enjoy it and I'm able to make a little bit of money while staying home with my littles so I'm thankful the Lord provided this "job" for me.

Jeff is now the associate pastor and student pastor at our church, The Gathering @ Brock. It was a series of unbelievable miracles that brought us to this place. God has us in an AMAZING season of life right now and I'm so thankful for everywhere He took us that led us right here! It's so much easier to look back and see how God was with us every step of the way that got us here, than it was to understand when we were in the middle of it. There were so many times in the last few years (that's documented on this blog!) when I was terrified, sad, confused, etc, etc about where we were, where we were supposed to be, why things were happening.  But now looking back God knew what He was doing and I can't imagine it any other way!

My parents and sisters are coming to church with us, also! Well, my dad comes occasionally. He has a really good job working with a buddy doing dirt work (gets paid well to work on super duper nice machinery with heat/ac and radio) but it's almost 3 hours away and right now while the weather is nice they're working 7 days a week!  I think the Lord is giving him a break, which is understandable, and there's no rush!

Anyway, not much else to report... oh yeah, the kids...

Calling the ENT specialist in the morn for Hattie. Tubes, tubes, wonderful tubes.  4 kids, 4 sets of tubes... why can't they just put them in when they're born!? OBVIOUSLY it's genetic, people! My mom and dad had ear infections, my husband and I both had them, and now all 4 of our kids have had tubes.  I think I see a pattern.  Other than the ear issue, she's the most precious, dramatic, adorable, perfectly squeezable little princess ON THE PLANET. She's my love. I dress her as girly as I can until she's old enough to tell me no! Although she hasn't said "no" yet, she has mastered "uh-oh, thank you, momma, da-da, and Hattie." :)

Noah has started guitar lessons and is absolutely loving it! He had his first recital last Monday night and it was wonderful.  He played Hot Cross Buns, Are You Sleeping, and The Tonkowa Song perfectly, as usual.  He is also representing the 4th grade in their school's spelling bee! Again, not unexpected. He's hoping to win it all this year! We shall see...

Max. Hmm.  Not much going on with Max.  He played soccer again, that's 7 seasons in a row now, but when we moved to Tyler the team he had always been on fell apart so now that we're back we had to start over.  If this team stays together they could be really good, so hopefully they will!

Last but not least, Benjamin.  My buddy.  He's a pretty bright 3 year old, ADORES his big brothers, tattles on little sister all day long, and loves his mommy and daddy :).  We're really wanting to put him into some kind of 2-3 day a week preschool.  Noah and Max were both in preschool at this age because I was working at one so it was free.  Now it wouldn't be free, but Ben would LOVE it.  I try to do a few papers with him everyday (he's learned his colors and shapes, about to start on patterns and letters/numbers) but I have to wait till both Hattie and Jacob are sleeping so it's tricky.  He would also love the social interaction with kids his age.  He loves the nursery at church... almost every night he asks if when we wake up in the morning are we going to church to play with his friends :( He loves his friends...

That's all for now... not looking forward to getting up early in the morning after this wonderful Thanksgiving break!! Must stop pinning ;)

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