Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is a story...

...about a house.  An old house.  A lived-in house.  Jeff grew up playing Atari in the upstairs living room and celebrating every Memorial Day weekend in the yard.  Endless rounds of horse-shoes and boche  ball have been enjoyed under the great big trees, while the women prepared food to feed an army.  Kids grew up in this house, and grandkids know it well.  It's Granny and Papaw's house.  And now it's ours...

Step 1: Paint. And oh did it need it.  It has always been white.  And only white.  Whitewashed to be exact.  So we picked out colors (nothing too crazy, just a little change), paintbrushes, and got to work!  I'm pleased with the outcome but can't guarantee I won't repaint in a few years :) 

I can, however, guarantee that even though this house holds enough memories to last a lifetime, I can't wait to start making more! 

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